Sunday, 6 December 2009

... so Thursday I was distracting myself, as any Thursday there were lots of openings , private views, events, I had a an acquaintance showing her work at CAMP in city road, i use to live opposite, in a squat which sadly is closed down now...another empty building left to rotten, a sealed box...
to the point, the exhibition/event was a good social, lots of drinks, lots of boys and girls, music, free drinks... it was difficult to get to see the art, there was just a couple of things acting more as decoration for the space (sorry ...) and I have to strugle with the punters in order to see them. There was a screening but but I could not focus on it, it was kind of London streets... I liked the work from Wayne Chisnell, creepy kind of dolls tower/ torture house made from wood and all sort of found objects(dolls head mini skulls, bones,hair, clock mechanisms) it worked well also as a volume. But this event was not about the art, it did not seem to, the crowd was quite varied, not so much in age though, and there were just a couple of characters. The difference with a club is that the music is not as loud so you can talk.. and some of the drinks are free, like lovely vodka and tonic.
I ended up on my way home at KK outlets, avery strange sort of book store for designers and hypsters at Hoxton Square, they have an auction of weird donated objects (art objects and memoralia or rare editions), and people was drinking bier. I liked the idea, people was having fun and spending their money, it was crowded.

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