Sunday, 17 July 2011

I-SHO exhibition

Having Flowers was selected to be part of I-SHO an exhibition curated by the group 73Women.
The exhibition took place at The Gallery, Edwards Lane, off Stoke Newington Church Street N16, during 3 weeks in July. It was a very strong and diverse group exhibition very well curated by Caroline Halliday, Banu Cansever, Zoe and
+73women team * Seana, Jessica, Marion, Iliya*

The sculpture's aim was to homage women and the discovery of our creative powers, but it really refers to any living creature. It illustrates the surprise and wonder of a female when having her first period.
The menstrual cycle of women has been/ is charged with negative tones in most societies, from punishment from God to women, to women been considered dangerous or dirty during the period. I wanted to show a positive side of it as it makes females special and its a mark of our super powers.