Sunday, 12 June 2011

Catching up

I have not yet written anything summarizing Local exhibition at Karim Janseen project space. Even though I was very pleased with it. It was a well curated group show at a nice venue. The opening evening everyone seemed to enjoy, including me. I do not like to stand waiting by my work all full of smiles and small talk... But this time I dedicated my time to the noble art of making cocktails and provided visitors with nice beverages. I enjoyed myself and even managed to talk with some people interested on the work exhibited.
The set of pieces which I produced for this show were done from locally resourced materials. The whole project was miles away from nowadays industrial design and design of materials. It felt like producing archetypes to be displayed in an archaeological museum. I liked it, and liked too the color and felling of the resulting pots
The comment I most liked was from a gentleman who was pleased by the unpretentiousness of the final display