Monday, 26 August 2013

Steep Slope

Sometimes things do not go as we want them to go.
Ceramics is a medium in which many things can go wrong. I have spent the last two months trying to get two orders finished. I failed to realize that the kiln was over firing, then I kept throwing too thin specially the plates, and third I failed to recognize the reason why I was not getting a particular green with one of my glazes. The kilns I used, two, were over firing more than 30C. I have learned from this to always use cones,in order to be sure of what is happening during the firing, and keep a record for the firings. I learned a lot about my glazes their range and color/texture possibilities. And my throwing, it was intensive for the last two months and very focused, on the shapes I needed to get. I would have enjoyed this process more if it were not so stressful and exhausting. I was working at Cheeky Tiki, ceramics production, bar ware, at the same time. There were limitations on time and the availability of the kilns, I share my studio with more than fifteen people. We share the 4 kilns, one too small and another very big, which leaves two, both over firing.
The mugs due to their compact shape survived always, and the glazes became glossier but apart from some blisters, not happening much in the mugs, they looked even more beautiful and intense in a glossy way. All but the green of the teapot, which is a case on its own. It has so many variations in color and texture, glossy going to soft matte to even dry texture, color from black/green to dark blue/green to bluish/grey to metallic blue. All that depending on thickness of glaze, texture and surface on where the glaze was applied, inside or outside, method of application and finally the temperature of the firing and the position in the kiln.