Monday, 5 January 2015

Bye Bye 2014

Excruciating November, and December, due to tight schedules and winter. I displayed work with the London Potters in their annual exhibition. The show was generous in styles, forms and shapes. Later on I came aware of the paradox of my liking for making figures while when wondering around in exhibitions I feel more attracted to pieces with glazes that camouflage the shapes that carry them. I still have many figurines waiting to materialize from my drawings. I started to make functional forms in order to play with glazes. But here too, the forms and repetition of pieces required for a sensible tableware production limits my glaze experimentation. During December I had many fairs and our annual Open Studios to set up. the cleaning, packaging, cataloging, setting up and down, the invigilating, accounting is finish now. It was like a long journey with ups and downs. I had time to think over the wares what to do next year, concerning tableware forms and colors. For the last firings I have started to brush on to the clear outside glazes, fluid almost patterns in a contrasting color. The last two forest came out, but just have a nice picture for one of them. Before continuing with the city/forest/island pieces series there is some things I want to do. I want to do another figure from the mixing of species series, the many shapes of matter, organically structured matter, metamorphosis, symbiosis.. I will add more to this in a future :)