Sunday, 17 June 2012


Potfest at the palace. The Scone Palace is located north of Perth less than 10 minutes drive. It was my first time in this city. The location had a fairy tale atmosphere. We were set on a garden of lush green grass, huge trees and flowers, not far from burial grounds. From time to time peacocks will wander passing by the marquees and enjoying the attention of us all. A deer was posing not far away in the distance. It was such an amazing setting. The Scone Palace was the home of the stone of destiny, none knows were this famous stone is now. It got stolen but later on it turned out that what was stolen was just a replica. The original is still hidden somewhere. As usual at the marquees there was a very convivial atmosphere among the potters exhibiting, a festival feeling, including the possibility of rain and cold windy weather. I saw familiar faces from my previous experience at Potfest in 2010, that time we were at Stirling, good memories :) So it was lovely to catch up and meet new people/new work, I felt almost like with family, in the good way. I repeated my adventure trip of two years ago, travelling up from London, carrying all the pots and props with me in two suitcases, one bag on my front and another on my back. I survived again this time. I should mention, the help I received during my journey carrying my weighty suitcases by people of different gender, age, profession and disposition. I am very grateful for the help and the conversations. The display was good and colorful, maybe too many pots on the table, but once I brought all that weight with me, the pots managed to confuse my display logic. I am very happy with my tableware lately, the pots are fresh and earthy with lush colors, warm and joyful. So I was very eager to show them to the people of Scotland But even if it was not a total disaster, there were maybe just a third (optimistic) of the visitors compared to my previous experience at Stirling. It was quiet. Nonetheless we all manage to sell and get some feedback on our work. There were maybe too many things going on that long weekend/bank holiday. One of them was Perth celebrating to become a city, before it was a town. One of the days there was a parade of thousand bagpipe players down in Perth. There is no picture as I missed it. I thought I should not leave my stand unattended. All in all I had a great time and I am looking forward to the next Potfest.