Monday, 18 January 2010

things you can see from a bus

Two days ago in a bus, looking through the window, saw this message on a bus stop roof:
'Some things you just can see when sitting on the left side of a double decker bus'

It is no with regularity that I get into buses, I cycle or walk, but when I do I always benefit form the advantage point of view that double decker buses give you if you go to the second floor. I am fascinated by demolition/building sites. If going on a bus I have a better chance of having a good look at them. I am fond of photographing the huge holes for the foundations, the skeleton of the buildings the machines involved, some of them look like dinosaurs devouring the building. it is too suggestive to me. I am still not sure of what to make with all those images of construction and deconstruction. But it is not just the building sites, I like in general to take photographs from the bus. Most times I messed the image because the bus moves or there is a bump, this just adds up to the fun of it.

I have not yet took any photo from the art messages displayed on the rooftops of bus stops. But I am not a collector. So I just look for them and feel grateful to whoever is doing it. Some of them are like wake up calls to us, the people of zombie land. I wonder how many of us see them. Although they may just be some kind of attention seeking device...

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