Wednesday, 27 January 2010

runaway dream

I was in a war area last night, was it Cambodia?, was it China? And I had to run away...

I was staying in a house living my life, it seems... As I apply to so many residencies it may be that my dream was fulfilling somehow this aspiration of traveling and working overseas. Also I am very attracted towards South East Asia.

At some point we received the order/ advice to move out of the territory as we are in danger. There is none to protect us and we would be certainly executed if caught. In any case it was quite certain that I will die.
There was an ex boyfriend of mine hanging around, but at that point I realized I have to get rid off him in order to move and save myself. Now that I am going to die I can bare his presence any more... There was also some people from Camberwell who studied with me when I was doing my ceramics degree... I have not seen them since then, long time ago...What are they doing in my dream?

So there is a lot of havoc and people is packing their things and leaving in some direction, towards somewhere.
Someone gives me a bunch of pills in case I want to commit suicide...

I can easily connect that to the Horizon documentary 'Pill poppers' on medicines/drugs that I watched yesterday. How the diabolical pharmaceutical industries transformed medicines into a commodities, getting people hooked to pain killers, anti depressants, cholesterol eating pills, viagra..etc, the funny bit is when a bunch of eighty something is shown researching by themselves for a pill that will kill them peacefully. They are the only ones trying to take control of their own lives.

Back to my dream, I did not take all the pills as I did not wanted to die, I just took one expecting it to give me a high so I could get through the crisis in good spirits, wihout panicking and just having a laugh.
There was almost none left and I was proceeding in a slow pace, but I knew I could not stay in the house. It was quite possible I would have to travel/escape alone and by foot. At some point I focused my attention on this guy from Camberwelll. He was not in my class but we knew each other. Somehow he was delaying himself on leaving the house, I asked him for any suggestions or advice on where to go and how.
At this point in the dream, I am not sure if due to the effect of the pills, I was not scared any more, well, just slightly.
Camberwell boy was vague in his answers. I was a bit afraid of annoying him with my questions , but hey! this was a life/ death situation.
I decided I did not want to be alone running through the jungle, even if I was going to... so I asked him if I could join his group. He says yes, without much excitation, and we left the house. It turns out he had a car... so the trip was not going to be as I was imaging it.
We got in the car, had a look at the maps, discussed about the possible dangers and decided for a route.
As we were driving away my dream or memories of it blurred and I woke up.

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