Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Summary of my last ceramic days in London

It is been more than three years now since my last post. Somehow I have been delaying it and delaying it. My last post is from October 2015. That post is made mainly of images of tableware, at that moment I was producing work for the pre-Christmas' shows and markets. The dates and venues for some of these events appear in the post too. At that time I knew I was going to move out of London and back to Spain. In my mind was to make new work but also the need to sell and dispose of it quickly. Also, I had to pack and free my space at the Glebe road Studios by January. There was lots of work and things and memories to deal with. I was part of Glebe Road Studios since I finished my BA in Ceramics at Camberwell College of Art. The studio and my colleges were home to me. I had good memories from those last Fall-Christmas Shows and Events. The pots above are mainly made from London clay, I was very happy about them, the clay was from very deep below Bond Street. A good clay, it didn't need much additions nor preparation. I was very bold with the surface treatments, mostly I used engobes in blue, brown and green, kind of rusty colours, for the outer part of the pot. For the insides, I used a pale, watery green colour, like a river' water. The picture was taken at the end of 2015 in a Market in Chiswick London. The period before Christmas was very busy at my part-time job at Cheeky Tiki, we had lots of orders at the ceramic department, a different approach to production, ceramics and style; big orders of barware provided for cocktail's bars around the world. I loved to do the painting and didn't mind the repetition. It was hard to say goodbye to Cheeky Tiki, I was more than five years working for them, lots of memories and cocktails. I exhibited again at The London Potters Annual Show, always a busy show. And made some houses. . I was looking forward to my moving to warmer climates and went all crazy with the yellow. The image is from my last Winter 2015 Open Studios at Glebe Road. Before living in London I made more sales and had to pack some chosen pots, figures, materials and equipment to my mum's house in Galicia. There they would be kept stored for a while, most of them, as I was immediately moving to Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, where I had planed to reside for the next few years, and could not take them all with me.

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